Micro Modular Data Center

A micro modular data center (MMDC) in appearance is very similar to a home computer tower. These however, in contrast to the usual computer, contain architecture that has been designed for use in solving or resolving types of computer workloads that differ in some way to the normal duties of the average computer.

The size may vary, and may contain even fewer than four servers in one 19″ rack. The MMDC may be equipped with built-in security, a cooling system, fire protection and the stand-alone systems may contain the components normally found in a traditional data center. As mentioned above, these may contain cooling, power supply, backup as well as security and protection against fire. These may also be used inside or outside.

The size and ease for the use of multi-functions make a MMDC ideal for use in rugged, even remote sites as well as in zones considered “high risk”.

A number of MMDCs are readily available, although as usual, the buyer should be certain to purchase an MMDC from a reputable and well-known manufacturer.

A micro modular system is normally based on having not one or two, but a number of racks. Some liken an MMDC to a small apartment containing all the necessary rooms for comfortable and convenient occupancy.

In some instances, more than one electronic company has joined forces with another to work together in the production of MMDCs, bringing all their technology together in one convenient little package.

Another pleasing advantage is that an MMDC costs less to build than many of its previous traditional models. Earlier, they could only be acquired at a substantially higher cost. Today, with new improvements in technology and manufacturing processes, ownership may be reduced by twenty-five percent or more.

Most costs are expressed either in dollars or euros per watt, and a recent study opined that a reasonable price might be $10 per watt.

Microsoft comes in at something lower and Google even beats that price! Of course Google builds its own servers and can therefore charge less. That’s an unusual case, however.

Others suggest a price of around $6 per watt to be just right for larger companies, but for the individual at home, $2 per watt should be the price point users should expect to see.

At this time, most modular data center providers, like Instant Data Centers, hope and expect to deliver the newest capacity MMDCs within perhaps three months, some six times faster than previously.